Golden Hoop Central 2011 is here!

Golden Hoop Central 2011 is now online and ready for sign-ups.  This is a great, family-friendly, and FREE “March Madness” basketball pool that started out as something for just my immediate family and has grown to more than 325 entries in 2010.

If you would like to have some fun with us, please check us out at  Sign-up code is “hoopme” – see you there!

Thanks to developersDen for their continued sponsorship!


Apheresis – A great way to save lives!

Recently, I started doing apheresis once again.  I had taken a 15 year break because some of the Red Cross blood tests were giving false positive (and scary) results when testing my blood.  But now, testing is better and I am a once a month apheresis donor.

Apheresis (aka pheresis, platelet donation) is the process of removing a small portion of your blood, processing it to remove platelets, and then returning your blood back to you.  Here’s a link from the American Red Cross with more information.

Because my platelet count is pretty high, they can get a “triple’ donation from me.  My donation helps around 42 people, and I think that is pretty cool!  If you are already giving whole blood, consider doing apheresis.  You can still give whole blood.  Check out this video as well!

Fun with Voice-to-Text

Voice-to-Text conversions can be quite humorous at times!

Many of you are aware of the slick technology that converts voice mail messages to text so you can read them as text  or email messages.  I use it and benefit from it, but the conversions, while giving you the general idea of the message, can be pretty rough at times.

Here are some humorous Google Voice-to-Text conversions I have received:


Added 2/15/11
Hello Bill, left Friday afternoon tend to Paul just ringing out to see how you are now you again HI in bill with so you had just come back from night. As of funeral I’m sorry. Woody. It’s of it out to arise. Probably not, your cellphone, This is the first of all got around to touch base with you. How do you find. If you could send us know how you so okay now moves the database and that’s 8 There and, you’d sent some stuff about testing and I think she’s said it was a love chi. I suppose you lighting. Will the the head is then. And he’s done so. When you get time to use kal okay give us Solana bye. My.

Hello Bill, you just Brian, and I was returning your call. Hey sweetie, Just double check and see at Troke about the how it was so much. I will go live in that. And that you need. Pat not we told to me full. So Hood she got an email from you saying that you know have a going by today so. I’m sure you’re very busy, it and If the If you get time you can give us a call, but there is nothing to improve the just really i talk to you. Bye hi.

Added 2/2/11
Hi Bill, Mister. Voyager says changing now package because there’s some things that don’t comply. I’m way wanting to change that The 8 9 address on the customer data, tonight, just pack don’t call and we gonna be packing 4 Yeah Boleyn and, I just wonder how you get a non and We really want to confirm. I would progressive. Because, when needing to get some packaging down in china I agree urgently need to. Get these that new bags reprinted with the new information, I’ll give me a call. It’s, Rob Chad and. But you might be coming into the reviews on the bag. My the bye the changes. But I toes I need to talk to you and make sure that we have night you is Pat. Don’t call register the, and going and or so. Talk to you about people that galley on to. You need pack. I’m America column, so I just puny. Pat U. S. A. Dot Com that is being trans, fed, 2 night she is pack dot com. So if you could put my mind at rest and Give me a call, I’d appreciate it. You can give me a call toll free number 1 I need. I paid. 22. I hate 452. Bye. Hope everything’s well with you. I look forward to talking to you bye.

Hello, this is anywhere. Just giving you a call look into getting two of our Well, our 2 Again, it’s tuned up you can gimme a call back my desk number is

Hi Deliso if he could calling from. Just following up with you again regarding C again. The only thing that will wait no one is Hospital records for date of service, May 25th. We keep sending them. I will be storm and they keep saying that they’d Dickson’s information for the initial D and would like to know what this is the additional date that we needed so I just want to tell you we’re still waiting on that before I can put people will work. Settlement Bahama try to contact the pharmacy if they have net but if you have any questions. In the mean time, please give me a call back.

Hello Bill, this is last account of been on through salons in the How much tracks we owed. ON the party. Powell Perot website orders from Ohio. Linda. Com find it all on the on the hey how you can. I’m going on the what you want to know No, what I need to know. Bailey is sick. I should we do you know if we should be adding a tax. Paul Hi Yo on the website and I’ll ask my my content your brother do say yes but just wanted to know if you’re doing it on your website and if you could check our website. Both of them. I don’t believe we have it tax rates that shows up on the A. M, this sales that we use to lab believe I’ve seen some in the past but and we’ll have to look at the ad in your sales tax for Ohio. On the website. And the order. So and give us a call when you have time about this and then we’ll discuss what We have to do. Thanks.

Hello Bill, Friday morning. And yeah, I don’t know what the weather’s like that. I hope you’re fine. Other Ritina to have another chat with you. To just way to get my mind around it. What we gotta do what we checked with going to change the heading on the website which is not you need pack from right to wiped and it’s gotta have. But. The New, new product on the AT. I just wanted to because Well, I’m getting confused a bit. Is that way up or the guy puts coming out and then 9 Newell. I’ll dish. I would doing next week and, I just wanna make sure with you know everything. Is is fine, but I think. When you later bye to May. Within the. I’ve been link. With the new new dial 99 9” panic. So it’s really just cousin, put my mind at rest, but What a point people. I don’t think we’re actually going to be changing your any packed an email yet until people get used to see the new heading on the on the new website wave night which is pack, et cetera. I think that’s what we discussed, and if you could give me a call and let me know what you think, and we wonder I was just wondering if it was possible. You’ll be able to get that done by next week because of the advertising price list of at Set your watch, will be distributing next week at yahoo and, I didn’t want to confuse people. When I click on there and see completely different For the new Haiti and places that week up printed. With the new. New, 9 okay right. I have a great day. Bye. I hope. Otherwise, Linda said, it seems to be fine. What you did on the on the Coke. ON the Stuart, pack. Thank you. Bye.

And there you go!  If you want to give this a try, Google offers it for free and it integrates nicely with most smartphones (maybe more phones).  It works well with my Sprint Samsung Epic, anyway.  Best wishes!

Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early Spring, 2011!

An early spring was predicted today!

Here is the raw video feed from the Associated Press, showing Punxsutawney Phil predicting an early Spring!  Quite entertaining!

Of course, we have Buckeye Chuck, the Ohio-based groundhog, supposedly predicting the weather here.  I wonder if there is a weather-predicting groundhog in every state?  🙂

Texting while driving: AT&T documentary

Yeah, I do it…not a lot, but I do it.  I’ll try to do better…

I think I can, I think I can....FAIL!

I really think I am pretty good at doing both – well, doing a sucky job of texting while driving, anyway.  My phone has a voice to text feature that I use when letting someone know where I am.  It’s not perfect, but it is safer.  It’s still a distraction.

Of course, there are other distractions as well, such as messing with your music, putting your make-up on (no, I don’t do that while driving), or responding to a “hey, look at that” from a passenger.  Any distraction can cause an accident, but texting probably is a little worse than some others.

AT&T documentary (YouTube) on texting while driving.

Read this sign...over and over again!

So, do me a favor and post this sign someplace in front of you when driving…and don’t be too distracted by it.

P.S. Here’s a link to a really nice and clean, removable vinyl
NO TEXTING bumper sticker.  

Are You Rich?

Does our nation's wealth status make a poor US person wealthy?

Recently, I have heard talk about how rich we in the U.S. are as compared to the rest of the world. In fact, here is a website that graphically demonstrates just how rich we are.   Website: Giving What We can.  However, I am not convinced that this argument is entirely valid.

Is this how we determine our wealth status? Shouldn’t this determination be done within a specific culture or group?

If placing people on a guilt trip to get them to give is what it takes, then so be it. I’m just not sure I like the path taken to get there.

Water is Life –

This is what Haiti people drink! They need your help!

This is what many Haitians drink every day.  The front area of their hair is reddish because of contamination due to drinking the water.  Here’s a Raincatchers video clip that tells the story of why water is so desperately needed in Haiti.

Your new tires can kill you!

Here's what a tire blowout looks like. It can throw you out of control!

I learned this morning that tires have a shelf life…about 6 years…whether they are used or not.  This means that you could buy “new” tires that may be 3 or 4 years old…or more…before you actually start using them!  You can decipher the cryptic numbers on your tire to find out when it was made.  You should check this before you buy your next set of tires!  I also learned that the aging process accelerates if tires aren’t used regularly.

Check out this 20/20 YouTube report and the article from  It is good to be educated about this!

Haiti needs drinkable water – Please help!

Haiti people get their water from muddy creeks and water holes. It's nasty stuff!

Daughter, Courtney, is headed to Haiti this summer to help Raincatchers install water-catching systems on houses in the mountainous regions of Haiti.

The Worthington Christian Church Youth Ministry is partnering with Raincatchers to provide water that will address the deplorable yet preventable health conditions that result from Haiti’s critical shortage of water.

On Saturday, February 12, a full-service, all-you-can-eat breakfast will be served at Champps Americana Restaurant (161 Campus View Blvd., Worthington, Ohio) from 7:00 to 9:30 AM.
[View Map to Champps]

This breakfast is available to those who purchase tickets ($7/each).  Champps will be donating up to $6 of the $7 meal price which is pretty incredible!  If you would like tickets, please contact me through any method you like and we will get it worked out.  If you can’t go to the breakfast, please donate either toward the group’s shared funds or toward the amount Courtney must come up with (hopefully, less than $1,000).  Your support will help many people in Haiti!  Thanks!

Watch this Raincatchers video!

Courtney’s Sweet 16

Here are some clips from Courtney’s favorite restaurant, Hoggy’s, and from her cake-lighting event at home.